Who are we?

Computer Science and Civil Society is a group of Stanford students concerned with the lack of deep engagement of the computer science community with the broader impact that our research has on society. We are graduate students and post doctoral fellows in Computer Science, Cyber Policy, Biomedical Informatics and Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

We run a weekly reading group where we discuss why the CS community chooses the problems it does, what types of problems and scientific methods are elevated by the present incentive structure, and what our role as individual researchers can be in shifting it towards an approach that engages with social impacts of our work more critically.

We realize that the dilemmas we face in our research, while often portrayed as new and unique to Computer Science or “AI”, are not unprecedented.

We meet weekly on Mondays, at 1PM PST, through zoom. If you are interested in joining, subscribe to our mailing list or get in touch at agataf@stanford.edu.

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We are organizationally supported by the Stanford Digital Civil Society Lab and hosted by the Radical AI Project slack.